Martin MAC Viper Air FX (Dual Case)

Both flexible and efficient, the MAC Viper AirFX is a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire. Featuring a great selection of all-new gobo designs, hard-edge effects remain stunning across the fixture’s entire 11 – 58° zoom range. Capable of snapping or fading into a wash light at any point, a unique and highly efficient optical system means the MAC Viper AirFX can offer the features of a profile at the output of a wash light.

The Viper AirFX has adopted the compact form, impressive speed, superior light quality and beautiful colors that the MAC Viper Profile is renowned for. It is also based on the same 1000-watt lamp for an output that convincingly exceeds any larger, heavier and more power-demanding 1500-watt profile fixture.

35000 Lumens – excellent light quality with 6000K color temperature
1:5 zoom – Continuous and fast zoom with auto-linked focus
160 mm precision PC front lens for fat beam looks



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Vikt 155 kg
Dimensioner 121 × 59 × 100 cm

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